Social Innovation

Options for Transformation! A Business Model

Nupp is an online platform which provides fair employment options to urban slum residents by connecting them with fair job opportunities in the thriving economy of the Mexico City with a special focus on the Neza-Chalco-Itza (NCI)


Nuup_transformation Full Project

Social awareness digital Campaign

Interdisciplinary collaboration between graphic, interactive and industrial designers.

Campaign for "NO TE CALLES"

A series of viral videos on social behaviour - aiming to create awareness about crime in Mexican society- insecurity and citizen complaints.


Video 1: common crimes committed in plain daylight surrounded by people + lack of interest in other people’s safety.

Video 2: a story told with motion graphics, explaining the reason why Mexicans act the way they do + understand and determine how we could change this behaviour towards each other.

Video 3: a series of citizen complaints exposed +  the understanding and the importance of collaboration, brotherhood, and solidarity.

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