The University Dining Experience

Goal: to build an understanding of the user experience, challenges and opportunities for Higher Education Institutions in US & Canada, in the context of food hospitality.

The project includes trends in education and dining as well as technologies driving innovation.


Who: user profiles and experience maps – from primary research at 10 different universities – were developed to discover opportunities in the students’ dining experience.

Why: there are 4 key elements affecting their dining experience; these elements are interconnected and don’t really happen in silos!

  • Variety
  • Schedules in flux
  • Attraction to novelty
  • Value

So what: given the diversity in the student body, the way technology is affecting the environment and the always changing needs of the students and the market, the following 3 pillars serve as overarching fields of opportunities.

  • Flexibility and Inclusion
  • Thrive in the Digital World!
  • Perception of Value – storytelling!

Due to non-disclosure agreements, feel free to contact for more :)!