Hola, I’m Graciela A.k.a Okanaga

DESIGN Researcher & Futurist.

Mexico City is my home but I’m a globetrotter!

DESIGN as a way to live – from FINDING real, present, and future issues, to working on the TRANSITION –

I work towards making sense of the complex, wicked problems critical to plural, sustainable futures.

I’m an independent designer, constantly looking for collaboration and opportunities to use design, systems, and futures to build, to co-create – through participatory design, futures that are more just, more fair and more fun, for humans and the planet we inhabit.

What can we do together?

#ParticipatoryFutures #ExperientialFutures

Co-founder Futures Space | Associate at IPD | Collaborator at Futures2All

Professor of Design & Futures at IBERO

–> nomad currently back in Mexico